Proof of Concept Services

Let Lexerd Group help your business by leveraging our Proof of Concept services – our focused, cost-effective approach to solving your most complex business needs.

We start by first evaluating your business needs by holding process discovery and requirements gathering sessions.  Once our consultants understand your requirements, Lexerd Group leverages a wide network of experts to evaluate your situation and identify the potential solutions.

Next, our staff prepares and presents to your organization a Proof of Concept.  Our Proof of Concept services are designed to explore business process alternatives and technology solutions with consideration to your industry, resources, and your organizational needs.  Our presentation includes a Conference Room Pilot which demonstrates the solution options, followed by a collaborative pros & cons analysis.

Lexerd Group works with your organization each step of the way to determine the best approach with your requirements and best practices in mind.  Once an approach is identified, our consultants conduct a knowledge transfer session to transition all tools, documentation, and materials to your internal IT resources and present to your staff and management a go-forward implementation strategy.

Our consulting network prides itself in deliverying quality business solutions, while providing your organization with the tools and know-how to implement the solution.  By leveraging our expertise and your existing IT resources, Lexerd Group works with your business to deliver the most cost effective solution.

Lexerd Group provides Proof of Concept services within the following areas:

  • Oracle Applications
  • SAP
  • ERP
  • Internet Technologies


Let Lexerd Group prove your concept – contact our staff today for a request for proposal.