Lexerd Staffing & Resource Placement

Lexerd Group staffing and resource placement solutions help our clients meet their most critical technology needs. Whether your organization is preparing for a major system implementation or a temporary resource who has specialized technical skills, we can find the talent you need.

Our depth of experience and access to a talent pool that’s considered one of the best in the industry ensures that our clients get the results they demand. Whether we provide one or two additional staff members or assume responsibility to implement an entire project, our clients know that we will deliver. Whatever your circumstances, you’ll receive the dedicated professionals you need, while retaining the level of control you prefer for each project.

In need of a technical resource?

Get the labor and skills you need on an on-demand basis. We do more than just source applicants. With our extensive industry experience and background in technology, we have the ability to screen people with the skills needed to fit right in and hit the ground running. Contact Lexerd Group now to get immediate resource placement assistance.

Are you a technology professional looking to get placed?

Lexerd Group is seeking out professionals with a strong technical background, great interpersonal skills, and a relentless work ethic. We define success according to how satisfied our technical professionals and clients are.  For technical professionals, this means career development services, competitive compensation and benefits, and truly exciting and challenging work assignments.

Are you ready for a career challenge? Reach out to a career correspondent today to find out how you can work with our firm.